Good Day and Happy Easter! Today, was an eventful, stressful, Beautiful Easter day. As a mother you want everything to go so perfect on plan out what you want your kids to wear, when to take pics, food to make, etc...and the opposite always occurs...well, in my household anyways.  I was hoping to take lavishing Easter pics...but my girls were so rowdy today...yes, I said GIRLS and ROWDY in one sentence. Both of them happen to tear their dresses while waiting to go to church. crazy morning=one stressed out momma! All in all it was a good day...Kids will be kids, right? 

Since church starts in the afternoon for us, we decided to do Easter egg hunting on Saturday. We hid eggs at the park, then the kids got to soak in the sun and cool spring weather at the playground. After that we had a family lunch at a restaurant (hint: we don't eat out much). Kids were excited and we just enjoyed our family day. It was fun....I love my family.  I am LDS (Latter Day Saint) and we do FHE (family home evening) but we normally do it on Sundays before church. So since today is a SPECIAL day we talked about the TRUE meaning of Easter...and like I said it was a good day. My girls love learning about Jesus Christ, they were so well behaved and asked a lot of interruptions on this SPECIAL day. Not even my baby boy was acting up, he was just as engaged in the lesson as the girls were.  I could not ask for a better Easter, spending holidays like this with the ones you love...I am all smiles here. 

Every year I make the children's Easter basket...since I am frugal, I have a tendency not to buy traditional Easter baskets (all it does is get scattered and broken). I like to buy things that I know will be used...again. I was so thankful to have received these tin pails from my mom with a whole bunch of Easter craft-like things. In my girls Easter basket pail this year they received an outfit with handmade   hair pieces and necklaces along with a water bottle and peg candy. My son received 2 jumpsuits and some shoes (finally...found shoes to fit his big fat feet).  Also, this was the first year my girls did their own eggs...and may I say, they turned out fabulous...a lil' cracked on my part, but still so fabulous.

Happy St. Patty's day! My children are a quarter we do, kinda, celebrate St. Patricks day....mainly we just wear green. yup...GREEN....but who says you just have to wear green. This year my daughters picked out their headbands and they to my surprise they were multi-colored. One was pink, white, and green the other was orange, white, and green. With that in mind, I decided to make up cycled St. Patty's day dresses using unwanted, small shirts in my "so-called" fabric stash.

It is so crazy, I felt like I had planned my day out and it was going to be this exciting family day (crafts, homemade cookies, and lucky charms (lol) and green food)...but since this week was so, was just a chill day. I guess you got to love that, right? Well, Happy Irish holiday! 

Displaying child's art can be challenging, especially if you are like me and you don't like clutter or mess or for strangers (only to know that your children DO make messes....and they sure do love to leave it all for mom to clean up or hang up. So instead of throwing their art away or stashing the really nice ones in a folder in my file cabinet I decided to hang them up. Since moving across the U.S and into a decent sized home I decided that the kids domain will be upstairs and since they love to play on the stairs I thought it would be awesome to create a corner gallery to display some of their work along with some of mine. I call this a transition in decor, it is not exactly located downstairs in the "Adult space" or exactly upstairs in the "Kid space".  Although my home is not fully decorated and only 70% furnished my children's creativity does inspire me to decorate my home in such a way that I think will bring out their personality as well as my own. I also plan to add a small "pin-able/magnetic" art gallery upstairs where they can switch out their art or craft projects. 

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