She is messy and she hates to disappoint...she is kind and ever so loving...she is funny and LOUD....she is beautiful inside and out...she is determined and has the best work ethic I have ever seen from a child...she is artistic...she is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air...she is my princess!

She is HiLaRiOuS and hates to have her hair fixed...she is lazy by all means...she is absolutely gorgeous...she is tiny and often mistaken for a two year old...she is intelligent beyond her years...she loves to make her ma crazy...she is an absolute party...she is my cray-cray baby girl!

My two beauties...trying on my glasses and looking dang cute!


Such a comic, my baby girl....she secretly has me laughing. A couple weeks ago...(when I took this pic) she lost her cool....we all know what happens when she loses her cool, right?....she insists that she needs/ wants new parents,,,yup, that's what she wants...this time she went so far to pack her "stuff" in a ?basket?...yeah, a basket...her sister helped her. Not even 5 minutes after she packed her bags and started waiting for her new parents she got hungry....and you know what happens when she is hungry, right? Well, I...ignor her her and tell her to call her new parents....then she apologizes and tells me that she loves me...she eats then we talk it over....the never ending story of my life....hopefully, she never truly means it because I will be so heartbroken.

She packed her bags, put her own shoes on and dressed herself. My baby three-teenager. My hands are full...


My eldest child is finally going to have first real Valentines exchange at school and I am siked. We made her Valentines cards...thanks Pinterest...and we should be set...due to us being snowed in last week, she will be celebrating V-day this Monday, I cannot wait to hear her stories!....I am one excited mom! Aren't the V-day favors just darling?...they are bubbles, ya know...


We have been snowed in again and earlier this week we were sick....the princess with the flu and strep, my baby girl with the sillys, boo with a GI virus (as of now he is at the tail end of it), me with sinuses, allergies, and a head cold, and the mister with a cold.
Since I was unable to do my V-day shopping for the kids...yes I am one of those moms who buys/makes a gift for their child every holiday! I got it from my ma...what can I say she spoiled us and I thought it was a great tradition....this V-day the kids asked me to do a dress up photo shoot...and I plan to make desserts and of course dinner...a good one.

My original plan for V-day was to gift the girls gold piggy banks (unique ones fom the thrift shop) and chocolate...and...kinda go over allowance...since the princess has been begging for allowance since Christmas. For the boo, I was gonna do...hmm...make him a v-day outfit...but I honestly forgot due to everyone being sick....V-day slipped through the cracks....Hey, I always have St. Patty's day!


Anyone and everyone who knows my baby girl knows she is my wild child....the one who loves to bounce around and dance to the beat of her own drums....while being herself she bruised up her beautiful face...the first time, don't ask me how, she ran into an open door...the second time she ran straight into the wall at crazy baby. Both incidents happened within days of each other. The doc said it will get darker before it gets better and no helmet needed even though I feel tempted to put one on her...I guess my V-day pics are gonna have to wait until her face gets better...because you know I am not taking no crazy looking photos for Valentines.


What a week and still so much more to do! I am trying to start this year out right by purging some things and it seems like it is taking me forever....let me just say there is a hoarder living amongst me...well two to be exact and not one is me...if I may say so myself. This has been a long time coming and I should have known....I should have seen the signs...I don't want to names but this is all I'm gonna say, they are is grown the other little and in school. One was having a hard to time parting with their things that they had for umph years but eventually gave in....don't let me get started on this persons books for college ( hint...hint...hint) and other stuff that I can't touch....slowly and surely this person is letting go. The other hoarder cannot part with any thing even if it is not hers ( hint...hint...hint)....she keeps digging in my donation a crazy person. Yup...there are two hoarders in my house...can you figure it out?

Below, yes those adorable kiddos, are the culprits of mess....

You can see their personalities in pics it!


Kids imaginations... You gotta love it. My baby girl with her pants on backwards, which is a staple look of hers ( ma, I like it like this), her neon green summer hat, and fake foliage in her hand, says to me..."Ma, I look like a janitor" as she pretends to sweep the rug with the fake foliage. Then she picks up her leaves and says, " look I am a fisherman"....gotta love it.

Sorry we have been AWOL, I have been spring cleaning...I am going to be consigning so I have a ton of sorting to do...the life of a mom....


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