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As anyone can tell from all of my post...I wish I were SO much better at taking photos. I think I am like one of those people who rush the photo process...if ya know what I mean. Then to top it off my camera has way too many settings and I am just at a lost. So yeah...I wish I could take quality, beautiful, magnificent one of a kind photos. 

ABSOLUTELY love Halloween and all the dressing is soooooo much fun, so when I found out that my church will be planning a trunk or treat for the kids, I was ecstatic (another day to dress up).  I was so excited for all the halloween festivities but to my dismay everything was so hectic and crazy...lets just say, my kids, yeah my kids, were on their worst behavior...maybe it was the excitement of halloween approaching or the fact that we were all dressed in costume....I don't know...all I know is that the mister was NOT there and if he is not there next kids will not participate (they were so bad)---maybe I will think about it, but as of right now I am pooped and need a long was exhausting chasing them around. 

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My interracial...ethnically diverse. My husband is Samoan and Irish. I am mixed with primarily Filipino and Black...but if you want the logics, I have Chinese, Spanish, Asian Indian, and European descent in me...I would not be shocked if I had other stuff mixed in there as well. I love the fact that my family IS interracial. I LOVE seeing interracial couples and families...I think it is IS America.  

Me and the Mister
Honestly, this was the MOST current photo I had of him. 

Me...the mom aka nanny to strangers
(I don't tell people I am there nanny, people just assume it)

The Princess 
(only because she is so oOh-La-LA)

The Crazy One
(Not crazy as in psyco but as in fun)

Boo Boo
(The baby of the house)

I wish I had a family picture, but I do not...I certainly did plan on it in the summer and early fall, but mother nature had other I am still crossing my fingers...hopefully before the year is over. 

Facebook...face NOT... I was asked a couple of months ago by my aunt...why I don't have a faceboook...basically....I have NEVER cared for it...I feel like it was invented for nosey people. lol. Sometimes I can be nosey, but shhhhshshh who isn't?....but honestly, I first created back in 2003, never used it in college but had the account anyways...never logged in while in college...I did not see the point. It was not until 2008 that I actually started using it...I guess I figure, I had so many distant but close family and I was a new mom and I wanted to share my world with them. I was not a facebook junkie, I did not post stuff just to get someone to "like it or comment it or to say look at me"--that is not me! Anyways, during that time I pondered alot about deleting my facebook account the only things holding me back were my cousins, aunts, uncles, my sister, my mom, etc...Now that I am older and wiser...I could honestly care less about the dang thing. I have deactivated my account...I tried to delete it but could not figure it out and while in that process I deleted a handful of people. So now my account is deactivated...the ONLY time I go on to facebook is to check up on my cousins, new births in the family, and to wish my relative and GOOD friends a happy birthday or even just to write them a short email saying, "hello, I miss you, how are you?"...that is it. nothing more. Lets just say facebook may be for some people, but it is not for this chick.

Hello All! I know I have been AWOL...honestly, I have been on strike and the mister has been hogging the laptop....I know I know it has been a long time. Anyways...we originally started this blog to be a "lifestyle our journey blog"...I don't know right now what direction it is going on...but let me bring it back home....since I have been gone let me update y'all on what's going on...

Well, well, well....hmmm...we are a pretty busy family. I have been spending a lot of time decorating and Diy-ing trying to get some necessary things done before it gets cold. My oldest started middle gives me a run for my youngest follows me everywhere.....hmmmm what can I say....I have been busy...if ya know what I mean...

Here are some photos of our most recent dinner at our favorite...Mimi's Cafe...I know I know pretty authentic, huh (sarcastically said)...we have yet to find that diamond in the rough sad....but nonetheless we love mimi's for being so family oriented and kid friendly

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