Hey Everybody!  I am the MEGAN of the MEGAN JESS pair and I am super excited to be posting for the first time today.  Jess has been doing a great job of getting us started and I have unfortunately been lagging behind.  Our family has been living in Germany the past four years almost and we have been in and out of the country several times visiting family in the recent months and then dealing with sick kids in between...there is always something going on for a mom!  But, like I said, I am really happy to be posting this morning and today is our "Pin it" Monday.

 Here are my faves this week:

LOVE this idea! I have been thinking about how to solve my own "tablet/cook book in the kitchen" problem and when I saw this I knew I had made up my mind. It's creative, attractive, and totally unique. I plan on finding a small piece of trim to tack on with (ironically) tack nails and a little glue, I already have the cutting board, then I can paint both and rough them up a bit with some sand paper. For propping up the cutting board, you could use and easel or the prop from a picture frame (preferably NOT a heavy cardboard prop). Can't wait to try this out!

This is a project that I really look forward to. We are building a house starting this year and I "heart" the X-leg ottoman! Sophistication, style, AND on a DIY budget? What more could you ask for?

A hide-away printer is exactly what every family needs, especially in homes where separate office or even desk space is not an option. This particular example would be located centrally in the family room, and no worries about cables, not with the many WiFi/Blue tooth capable printers on the market now- even printers with the interfacing capabilities to print straight from your iPad/tablet. This is a great solution to aid in "de-cluttering" the house, hiding the millions of ridiculous power cables, and maintaining easy access.

Next time you're out scouring the flea market for a find, digging through the second-hand shop, or perusing a local garage sale- keep this cute little project in mind. It is AMAZING what paint and a little creativity can accomplish.

So, I hope you have enjoyed my Pin picks for this week. I am a DIYer at heart, as is JESS, so I have almost given you a taste of what is to come tomorrow for our "DIY Tuesdays" but be sure and check back for more great and inspiring ideas!

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