What a week and still so much more to do! I am trying to start this year out right by purging some things and it seems like it is taking me forever....let me just say there is a hoarder living amongst me...well two to be exact and not one is me...if I may say so myself. This has been a long time coming and I should have known....I should have seen the signs...I don't want to names but this is all I'm gonna say, they are related..one is grown the other well...is little and in school. One was having a hard to time parting with their things that they had for umph years but eventually gave in....don't let me get started on this persons books for college ( hint...hint...hint) and other stuff that I can't touch....slowly and surely this person is letting go. The other hoarder cannot part with any thing even if it is not hers ( hint...hint...hint)....she keeps digging in my donation box...like a crazy person. Yup...there are two hoarders in my house...can you figure it out?

Below, yes those adorable kiddos, are the culprits of mess....

You can see their personalities in pics alone...love it!


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