We have been snowed in again and earlier this week we were sick....the princess with the flu and strep, my baby girl with the sillys, boo with a GI virus (as of now he is at the tail end of it), me with sinuses, allergies, and a head cold, and the mister with a cold.
Since I was unable to do my V-day shopping for the kids...yes I am one of those moms who buys/makes a gift for their child every holiday! I got it from my ma...what can I say she spoiled us and I thought it was a great tradition....this V-day the kids asked me to do a dress up photo shoot...and I plan to make desserts and of course dinner...a good one.

My original plan for V-day was to gift the girls gold piggy banks (unique ones fom the thrift shop) and chocolate...and...kinda go over allowance...since the princess has been begging for allowance since Christmas. For the boo, I was gonna do...hmm...make him a v-day outfit...but I honestly forgot due to everyone being sick....V-day slipped through the cracks....Hey, I always have St. Patty's day!


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