Such a comic, my baby girl....she secretly has me laughing. A couple weeks ago...(when I took this pic) she lost her cool....we all know what happens when she loses her cool, right?....she insists that she needs/ wants new parents,,,yup, that's what she wants...this time she went so far to pack her "stuff" in a ?basket?...yeah, a basket...her sister helped her. Not even 5 minutes after she packed her bags and started waiting for her new parents she got hungry....and you know what happens when she is hungry, right? Well, I...ignor her her and tell her to call her new parents....then she apologizes and tells me that she loves me...she eats then we talk it over....the never ending story of my life....hopefully, she never truly means it because I will be so heartbroken.

She packed her bags, put her own shoes on and dressed herself. My baby three-teenager. My hands are full...



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