ABSOLUTELY love Halloween and all the dressing up...it is soooooo much fun, so when I found out that my church will be planning a trunk or treat for the kids, I was ecstatic (another day to dress up).  I was so excited for all the halloween festivities but to my dismay everything was so hectic and crazy...lets just say, my kids, yeah my kids, were on their worst behavior...maybe it was the excitement of halloween approaching or the fact that we were all dressed in costume....I don't know...all I know is that the mister was NOT there and if he is not there next year...my kids will not participate (they were so bad)---maybe I will think about it, but as of right now I am pooped and need a long break...it was exhausting chasing them around. 

This year my family will be dressing up as the Batman Cast. Daddy is Batman, I am The Joker, my oldest is Poison Ivy, my little girl is  Robin, and my boo is The Riddler. I took some photos of us dressed up at our church function, but all the pics were horrible. 

 Overall, this frugal momma spent approximately $10 total on the kids costume and face paint (lets not say how much I spent on daddy's...shame, shame,shame). My costume I had in my closet...so all I had to do was put it together...btw...who owns an orange vest?....ME...I know...crazy. 

Note: I always try to use clothes my children have for their costumes...especially if I know they will be growing out of it soon.

Talk about an eventful...FRUGAL weekend...not only did we have a church function to attend we also attended a Halloween Party. So we had the pleasure to dress up two days in a row and since I did not want to wear the same costume two days in a row and the kids have been begging to dress up as skeletons, I decided lets be something scary and skeletal...fun, fun, fun! 

Fun..oh yeah...I had planned for my kids to wear black and white with their face painted, but my 3 year old could not help but to smear her makeup everywhere so I told her we had to wipe her face clean...but it did not seem to bother her...I was so relieved that she did not go into crying mode. 

The party was a blast and everyone, I mean everyone was dressed up...It was fun...

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