My interracial...ethnically diverse. My husband is Samoan and Irish. I am mixed with primarily Filipino and Black...but if you want the logics, I have Chinese, Spanish, Asian Indian, and European descent in me...I would not be shocked if I had other stuff mixed in there as well. I love the fact that my family IS interracial. I LOVE seeing interracial couples and families...I think it is IS America.  

Me and the Mister
Honestly, this was the MOST current photo I had of him. 

Me...the mom aka nanny to strangers
(I don't tell people I am there nanny, people just assume it)

The Princess 
(only because she is so oOh-La-LA)

The Crazy One
(Not crazy as in psyco but as in fun)

Boo Boo
(The baby of the house)

I wish I had a family picture, but I do not...I certainly did plan on it in the summer and early fall, but mother nature had other I am still crossing my fingers...hopefully before the year is over. 

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