Before I had my son, I always painted my girls nails and put make up on them...they would see mommy do it and it made them feel special. This is a tradition that I hope to keep. 

This time around. I decided to test out color in their hair by using pastels (art supply) that I already had. I cleansed their faces with witch hazel (like mommy does) and then I applied makeup (note: they chose their own color lipsticks and eyeshadows) and painted nails. They felt so special and loved every moment of it.  I don't put make up on them all the time only once in a blue moon. 

Note: My youngest daughters hair was dry when I applied the pastels to her hair so I don't think the color showed up as well as it did on my older daughter. 

While my girls are having a son was playing with his toys and using his sensory skills. 

I love my children to pieces! 

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