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Things change depending on the day but here is a brief summary of my day...enjoy...

A day in the life of ...Me...hmmm....Since I am a night owl, I wake up at around 9:30, I know...lucky. Well, I am blessed to have children who wake up in the morning and play in there room or who come in my room and just lay next to mommy until my alarm goes off. After I wake up and get ready for the day (brush my teeth and wash my face)...I make the kids breakfast, then I get dressed. After breakfast, I start to clean...normally the kids have to help clean...yes, my kids do have chores and once they are completed they can play in their room (hence, they barely ever clean there room the way I like it...but they do pick up the mess). After breakfast and a couple hours of being up, my baby is normally tired and lays down for a nap. While napping I do a little school/learning time/story time/mommy-daughter time with my girls. Depending on the day, normally around this time we will go to the library, grocery shopping, DIY some stuff,  or run errands. Since my children are little their attention span is not that long...we are only at the library for an hour and school time last max two hours....they do learn throughout the day and if watching tv...they can only watch educational tv. After learning time and running errands, lunch is served, with snacks followed....mommy cleans some more. Baby boy wakes up, cleans/organizes some more....the kids play a little more, do crafts, artwork, etc... Mommy gets some much needed break and has down time. Once the evening starts to set in I start to prepare dinner. After dinner the kids are up for about 1-2 hours...mommy and daddy cleans kitchen, then they get ready for night time (scripture, article of faith, prayer, jammy j's, brush teeth, etc...). Off to sleep they lay and mommy browses the internet, sews, or works on projects until tired. 

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