As I was washing dishes, I realized that I am turning 30 in less than 1 1/2 years…time flies by soooo fast….I don't even know what I have accomplished. Anyways here is my 30 by 30

1. Buy a home (hopefully….if not by 30, then definitely by 31)
2. Pay off school loan
3. Go to Disneyland/World with JUST mi familia
4. Travel up the east coast
5. Take a trip to Myrtle Beach
6. Visit New York
7. Pay off van--Already Did
8. Goal…..have my now 3 year old reading before I am 30
9. Do something spectacular
10. Go on a mini vaca (no kids allowed)
11. Read a GOOD book (novel)---not a decorating book either
12. Wear some Box Braids
13. Purge some of my clothes and shoes and just let go (my goal at least 100)
14. Sew something for myself
15. Reupholster my couch
16. Try African food
17. Start a garden
18. Take an interior decorating class to freshen my skills
19. Do something WILD and unexpected (Don't know yet…but I have some ideas)
20. This is something never-ending but hopefully, I will have my rental fully decorated
21. Wear at least 30 not so everyday shoes that I own (just to say I at least wore it)
22. Wear every single article of clothing in my closet at least once (I have a plethora of clothes with tags still on them that I have not worn…but are oh so cute)
23. Go to Disney on Ice with my family
24. Go to a broadway production at an actual theatre with my daughter (s)
25. Do a "ME" day and do whatever I wanna do
26. Go on a shopping spree just for me
27. Go to the movies either with just the mister or as a family (y'all know how it is when you have kids)
28. Dance
29. Take nice family photos (maybe even professional ones)
30. Stay home for a few hours all by myself (and do nothing)…just once

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