Since Moving to N.C last year
 we have made it  a point to visit/stroll downtown during the holidays…we did it last year and we did it again this year. The kids love it and who doesn't like to see all the trees and city lit up? The difference between last year and this year…it wasn't as chilly this year and we went during the day instead of at night…night or day it was still BEAUTIFUL!  

This is hands down the cleanest down town I have ever been to. It was dressed for the season with 55+ trees decorated for a a charity contest, fresh cut trees located on greenery to buy along with other holiday greenery, restaurants at every corner, an ice skating rink for the holiday season, and picturesque industrial art surrounding the buildings. It was lovely and ever so beautiful. 

While we were taking this pic, my baby girl was doing this…(look below)

We had a blast…it was warm, beautiful, fun, and free! gotta love it. 

Note: I know I did not post this on a friday, but I thought the post title was appropriate. 

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