My children always tell me I am their best friend….I am happy to be, but something I always tell them is, "before I am friend, I will always be your mom and when you step out of line or do something I do not agree with I will let you know". I can honestly say I do say that and that statement holds a lot of truth in my home…and they know it at 5 and 3 years of age. When my children get in trouble most of the time they come back to me and say, "but I thought we were friends" and I tell them…"I am your mother, and as your mom I was not happy with the choice you made, because…(fill in the blank)...". I will always be their mom and I will alway put them in their place when I feel they are wrong. I will honestly say, "Hell NO, I will not solely be their friend, because (and I have observed this and seen this with people I know) when you become your child's friend, you get afraid of hurting their feelings…afraid of them running off…in return, they step all over you and disrespect you.  NOTE: I do not sugar coat my feelings or tone of voice when I talk to my children.

I know my kids are all under the age of 6, but with how crazy kids are todays…you just never know and quite frankly, I don't want to see my child on the channel 6 news. I worry about how they will develop and progress in this ugly world….it literally sickens me….So I want to start now. My children have an agency and they will use it. Agency, the ability to choose right from wrong is something my 5 year old does on a daily basis in kindergarden. I want my children to live a righteous, glorious, happy life.  I love them and as their mom I will always love them…I can never fall out of love with them, I may get disappointed with them, I may get mad, but I will NEVER fall out of love with them.


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