I don't know if it is because we ate black eyed pea soup last new years or if things are just going right for us, but 2013 most certainly was the best year to date for my family. Last year the mister was blessed with a job in N.C., we were blessed to live in home to ourselves, my (oldest) baby girl started school and is doing very well, we made some good friends, and we are happy and content. 

As 2014 comes creeping on us...I just hope that we continue to have happiness, friends, and success with whatever we do. Yes, my kids will be a year older...and I might cry over that, but they will be healthy and happy and that is all that matters. 

To celebrate the friendships that we made we threw a "winter get together" or what I call an "appreciation party". I wanted all of those who made a difference in my life (for the good) to know how much I appreciated them and their friendship. The older I get the more I realized that friends are important...I do have a handful of friends who live in different areas of the world....but most importantly, I feel as though I need a good support system around me. People who uplift me and not criticize, people who laugh with me and can joke around and put a smile on my face really become a source of inspiration....Inspiration I have been missing since college. Not that I was lonely, but I made friends who I can honestly say are "genuine".  I can honestly say I can name 3+ things about each of them that love and cherish and that makes me happy. 

I gifted everyone that has made a difference in my life a candle and something for their kiddos...I know friendship cannot be bought...but I thought it would be fitting to get something for everyone due to the holiday season and just for the fact that I wanted to...why not? 

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  1. I do have to agree about the year and the friendships! This has been a very good year and I hope it carries on next year and each following year. I don't mean to sound selfish but wishful that everyone can have a healthy and happy life spend with family and friends!


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