Something strange happens the older you get….For me, I have come out of my shell…I am still somewhat of an introvert, but I am not afraid to be outspoken. I have been stepped all over, I have been talked about, I have been broken down…but not any more. I may not know what I am destined to do nor have I reached the limit of greatness, but I do know that I am more than I appear. I may look young, I may sound a bit clueless, I may not be great at math…but this I know to be true: I am a Mother, I am a believer and I strive to be the best, I am woman and I know my worth, I am faithful, I am honest, I can be funny, I am mean (when needed to be), I am a lover of design, I love to be challenged, I am loyal, I am….Me….Strange things happen when you get older…you change….and change can be GOOD. 

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