You see this little sweet girl, yeah this girl (in the pic above)…although she does not look very happy, this is my 3 year old baby girl…who thinks she is grown. First let me address, this photo was taken when she was throwing a fit, because she had an accident on herself (hence, the diaper). Second, doesn't she still look adorable. Anyways, this sweet, fun, adrenaline running little girl…thinks with every ounce of her itty bitty body that she is grown. One of her favorite things to tell me or her daddy when she does not get her way is, "we ruin her life"….honestly? Let me start off by saying, we (her father and I) do NOT, absolutely, do NOT entertain that type of attitude….It has been corrected and we let her know that, that is not something you should say to anyone because it is not nice…we absolutely do not talk like that in our household, so we expect our kids to have a clean mouths as well. sometimes it slips out of her mouth which she is fast to correct. Let me say, she did not get that saying from me or her father…I 100% think she got it from her barbie movies…which I might give away…I just think it is way too grown for my kids and as of right now not one of my favorite wholesome family get-ups…if ya know what I mean.

On a side note: I am sooooo NOT ready for her to grow up….

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