My kids say the darnest things...this is no joke! they have me laughing and yelling 24/7. Basically come night time....I am cracking up.

Recently I was getting my older daughter ready for school and I could not find a bow that I was looking for to stick in her hair because they like to scatter their hair clips and stick 'em on their dolls...I could not even find the comb or spray for her hair...because they like to hide that too (my daughters hide the combs and brushes all the time...I think it is because they are tender headed...idk??). So I was like I guess you got to go to school looking like that..."BRUHA"...which is tagalog (filipino) for witch. Basically, I told her your hair looks like a witches...ratted and tangled....and she looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and said, "Mama, but is it cute". She is a handful of gorgeousness, but I had to break it down...that her hairstyle she was rocking was not cute!...She had me laughing...all she wanted was to look cute...that is what she cared about. I mean...the life of a 5 year old.....but hands down she always looks adorable.

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