Topic #2 from the Baby Making Machine playlist

1. My first and absolute fear is fear of the world. I don't know how or when this fear first occurred, I just know I have ALWAYS been a afraid of the world. The older I get the more I think, "who wouldn't be"...We live in a scary time. There are bad people out there...look around, read the is everywhere...people being taken, children being hurt, terrorist....and what nots. It is heart breaking and scary...for everyone.

2. My second fear is snakes. These beast are ferocious. I think I became afraid of them once I had children. Children like to play outside and get into things and I just worry there are snakes in the grass and at the playgrounds. I know it sounds crazy....but I do worry about that.

3. My third fear is not being good enough...simple as it is stated...not being a good role model to my children, not being a good mother....not being a good spouse. just not being that ideal person that I would hope that I am. I never use to think this until about a year or so ago....things happen and satan likes to trick people to think that they are no good, when in fact they are doing the best they possibly can with the cards they have been dealt. I don't think this daily, but every once in a while...I do wonder, am I good enough.

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