Since living in N.C. my family has been grocery shopping at a little store called Aldi. When you are a family of five and budgeting your every move...Aldi's will save you some money, money, money! We use to shop at Walmart, Food Lion, and the other grocery stores here, but none of those compare to how much money stays in our bank. Don't get me wrong, Aldi's does not have everything, but they do have most of the foods my family likes. For the things Aldi's cannot provide us we go to our nearest grocery store. 

Since Aldi's is super inexpensive I decided to blog about it on our Frugal Friday share day. This might not sound appealing to most but the way Aldi's keeps it prices low is that they charge you a quarter to borrow a shopping cart (you get your quarter back when you return the cart)...hence if you want your quarter back, you'll return your cart...meaning they don't have to buy extra carts for those carts that are lost or stolen. Aldi's also charges customers for grocery bags...if you choose to purchase one. My family simply just uses the boxes that the food come in to store our goods. There store is small in comparison to Walmart and only open for x amount of no paying extra electricity. Aldi's carry there own brand and  for the most part it taste like any other brand. No kidding. Lastly, Aldi only accepts cash and debit.  

I know Aldi's is not for everyone, but I LOVE it and I understand why they have a system and I totally agree with it. PLUS...when you are saving 40-50%  on your grocery bill...who wouldn't love Aldi's? 

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