Topic #5 from the Baby Making Machine playlist

1. My children. I am most definitely a loved mom. I love being smothered with kisses and being told "I love you" on an every 10 minute basis, and I absolutely LOVE it when my son gives me the shy, flirty look...My children are such dolls...and I LOVE them to pieces.

2. Being Creative. Whether I am decorating a home, sewing, or making hair clips for my girls I know that I am doing what I love. I have a degree in design and I absolutely love challenging my self by being creative.

3. When my husband cleans. All I have to say is..."Who doesn't love a man who cleans?"...especially when they take the initiative to do it themselves?

4. Having a Home. I am so BLESSED to have a home that I can share with just my family. Although we rent, I am just happy to have shelter and the means to provide for my family

5. My husband. We have been attached at the hip for umph years and I am truly grateful to have someone so loving, honest, and loyal by my side. Most of my happiness stems from him.

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