Everyone who has children knows safety first...especially when you have stairs in your house and a toddler or baby. A while ago I decided to make a baby gate...after I discovered that my store bought gate would not work on the stairs or anywhere else in our rental. It was very simple and pretty inexpensive compared to buying a gate from a big box store.


2 shower rods
1/2 yard of fabric
thread *
sewing machine *

*Note: I am pretty sure someone can make this without sewing it and using an adhesive bond or something along those lines.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but it is really simple to recreate.

1. cut fabric to desired length. I used about 1/2 a yard of scrap fabric.
2. hem all four sides
3. determine thickness/diameter of rod, fold over leaving enough space to insert rod, iron fabric over fold and sew a straight line across fabric. repeat on bottom of fabric

I hope this was simple and straight forward.

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