Topic #6 from the Baby Making Machine playlist

1. I already stated my fears...since one of my fears is the of my wishes would be to have LOVING, compassionate, world where danger does not exist.

2. haha...I don't really think about wishes, but if I could....I would already have my masters degree. how about that. I had a great time in college and one of the things I told myself before I graduated was that I would and WILL obtain my masters degree...someway, somehow.

3. My third wish would be...hmmm...for time to go a little slower. I guess when you marry and have children times seem to be rushing out the door. Although I am with my children 24/7, I feel as though they are growing so fast and soon 18 years will be here. I guess you can say...I L.O.V.E my children and I don't want to see them grow up TOO fast.

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