Topic #9 from the Baby Making Machine playlist

1. My husband is my biggest cheerleader....He is not perfect and he definitely annoys me to the 10th degree... but he is one of the most influential individual's that I know...He shoots high and he goes for it...even if he fails...he still gets up and just runs with whatever it is that he is after. He never gives up. He is spiritually uplifting and has a spiritual vibe that always seems to be with him even when he is not trying. He is just nice, ambitious, and he influences me to be that goal chaser and to chase after ALL of my dreams not just the ones he knows that are practical...but to go after all of them, even the ones that I KNOW I cannot do.

2. My mother would definitely be on this list, if it was not for her I would not be who I am today. She is strong, independent, wise, blunt, caring, and giving. I am her daughter...I am a true reflection of her.

3. My sister. If anything my sister is the MOST and I mean...THE MOST...compassionate, giving person I know. Through my sisters small acts I can see a BIG heart...I can honestly say that is something I do not have, that I wish I did. She has always been this way....I love her for it. She is always willing to serve others, even when they do not ask.

4. My bf...not just because she is my bf...but because she is spiritually grounded. She helps me to see the spiritual side of things not just what is right before me. She is there when I need her ...ALWAYS have been. She is the ultimate best friend who listens and is spiritually uplifting to talk to.

5. My Children influence/inspire me to want to be a better mom. They challenge me all the time...they encourage me...they lift me up....they depend on me....they love me....that alone makes me want to be better.

6. The Ellsworths and some of my other friends. They say you meet your best friends in college, but I met a few good people post college who inspire me to think outside the box, to do good to this world, to be more grounded. These are the people who are my "true" friends....they don't point out my faults, but they help me through their example to want to be a better person. I love them for that, I truly do.

7. The Payne family...what can I say...they are a perfect, ideal family to want to follow or look up to. I have nothing but good thoughts and a thankful heart towards them. They have influence me in so many ways and the memories I have shared with them has help mold me....mother Payne, is certainly someone I would love to aspire to become. Besides my mother, when I think of an AWESOME, compassionate woman, I think of her.

8. The William girls (Karen and girls)....Nothing but good thoughts and a sense tough love in loving way when I think of them. I hope I can be that type of mom that can inspire her children and be the example to them the way she is towards her girls. I remember being a teacher in primary and her talking to the youth in a stern, but loving way and I remember feeling the spirit and how much the children loved her. Those memories of just watching how amazing she was with her own children and the youth makes me hope and dream that I too can raise my children in such a Christ-like way to where they are respectful, kind, loving, compassionate, and just exude that Christ-like atmosphere/personality. I so love this family and I am forever grateful for having known them.

I know the list ask for 10 and I may sound like a loser...but I honestly cannot think of 10 people who influence me....this was a hard one.

Me and my bestie...back when we were "younger"

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