I was introduced to Plato's Closet six years ago, while working at an architectural firm...but it wasn't until I after I was married that I started shopping there. At first I just purchased a lot of regular plain shirts, jeans, and capri's...now that I am older and like more than just normal plain shirts I frequent Plato's to look for cool, nice, age appropriate and body size appropriate shirts and dresses. Since I am LDS, I try my hardest to look for modest clothing that appeal to me at a great price....I find a lot of great things that I would not otherwise be able to afford or even window shop it that catch my eye that IS appropriate for me to wear. 

I love Plato's because I FEEL as though I am saving the world buying used instead of new. Again, this may not be everyones cup of tea...but I don't have a problem with used things....I tend to like it better than new things. I know I am a mom and I know Plato's is catered to teenagers and college students....here is the deal...I look young, I feel young, I am young (in some peoples eyes)...just because I am a mom does not mean I need to start dressing like a mom...and you know what I mean...plain shirts and jeans. 

As a mom, and I would know....sometimes we let ourselves go without even trying or noticing until someone points it out. I know this...I don't think I ever let myself "TRULY" go, but I did neglect myself for 4 years to sacrifice my needs for the greater good of my family...basically, I did not buy or shop for myself because I thought at that time that the money used on myself would would serve better for my children and husband. I felt guilty if I ever bought something for myself. Now I know that in order to take care of your family, you need to take care of yourself. A happy mom = a happy home. No I am not saying new clothes, shoes, purses, etc...is always needed to make someone happy...but when you feel good about yourself, you tend to live a happier life...Don't think I go crazy there or spend all my money there...I don't... but I do "TREAT" myself there every once in a while and I always try to keep a budget in mind. 

*maybe in another post I will take some pics of some outfits I got there. 

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