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When I was younger my absolute dream job was to be a "flygirl" aka back up dancer. Not just any back up dancer but a back up dancer for Miss Jackson...Janet Jackson. Yes, I said it. When I was younger dancing was my passion....I LOVED IT. hence, I am using past tense. Don't get me wrong...I still love to dance,  but my talent went unused...I still dance around the house. I cannot change the past. I was a good dancer and unfortunately I chose not to pursue that career. I hope my children follow their dreams.

Lets not dwell on the past....for the future is new DREAM is to own my own business doing something I love and being my own boss. I have a degree in Industrial Design  and I minored in Interior design and I would love to use my talent to create, decorate, and explore the design world. I love decorating and I would love to share my love of it with those who are willing to invest their faith in my decor knowledge...and style. Before I had children, while I was pregnant with my first 2, and after I had my first 2 I was blessed with the opportunity to design buildings, decorate interiors, as well as design kitchens. Hopefully while I am on a break from working, I can build up enough confidence  to start my own business. I have the talent...I am we will see what happens. 

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