Topic #11 from the Baby Making Machine playlist

Before I start...I may sound like an OCD jerk crazy person....but hey these are TRULY things that bother

1.When there is trash on the floor and someone walks by and does not pick it up.

2. I cannot, CANNOT, cannot stand when grown folks (ppl over the age of 18 who are CAPABLE of helping out) are lazy. yes, I said it...this is the most annoying thing ever!!!! If you see someone cleaning...ask them if they need help or get up and take the initiative to do so...don't just sit there and watch them that is RUDE! 

3. Here comes the word..."cannot"...I cannot stand when people misspell words, especially on craigslist and social media. Use spell check...I don't really ever call them out on it...but I do think it....

4. I cannot stand when you call someone and they don't answer, but then you text them right after and they text back....but then when they call answer, every single time. 

5. Too many people talking at one time...I guess this gets to me sometimes...I guess when you are a mom...your kids will always be talking over each other....

6. This isn't really a pet peeve....this is more awkwardness....basically....being too affectionate with your partner, especially at church. Hey, I am all for holding hands and hugging to some degree...but when someone starts rubbing on thighs and popping their partners pimples  in just gets weird and makes me feel like I would like to undo what I just saw. 

7.This is more of a personal pet peeve. I love my husband but half the time he talks to me in a way that annoys he is mimicking me...maybe he is testing me...but although I laugh every single time he does it... I cannot stand it. 

8. I would most definitely have to agree with Jenn on this one...Unsolicited parenting advice. just as it is stated...

9. When "people"...*my husband*....does not throw away empty cereal boxes and doesn't put his cereal bowl up once he is finished. 

10. My last 'cannot'... I cannot stand, absolutely cannot stand when people sugar coat things. There are people who do it just because they ARE nice and then there are people who ARE sugar coaters...they live their lives sugar coating drives me crazy; I cannot stand being lied to in such a way and I absolutely cannot stand when I see people do that to other people. If you have a relationship, whether it is marriage, friendship, "associate" or what not...shouldn't you still be honest? I know I am going on a rant...but doesn't honesty stand for something? I know some people are just nice...and I forgive them if they are that truly nice person that I see in them...but hey there are others who just lie to make them feel good about themselves....that is what I cannot stand. I know I am not perfect and I may do things to annoy others....but if you have a relationship with me or even know me...just be honest with me and those that are around us....or just don't say anything at all.

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