Anyone and everyone knows my family is very frugal...I mean EXTREMELY frugal...we have always been this way. When it comes to family outings we typically tend to look for a good deal...but recently we decided to be spontaneous and just go...without worrying about price or anything...and I am glad to say price was NOT an problem. We discovered a hot spot...inexpensive family fun...called Frankies. This place is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! It is literally a mini amusement park with out the price tag. My children LOOOOOVED it and what more can I ask for? I just feel anytime you spend with family where no one is crying, whining, or is throwing a must be a good day...all smiles here. Family time + Smiles on my kids faces = PRICELESS!

Again...days like this are priceless! These are timeless memories...oh happy day!!

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