Topic #8 from the Baby Making Machine playlist

1. First and number 1 passion is motherhood...from this point on I will always be a mother and that alone goes before any other goal or career that I have for myself. I love my children more than I can say and I strive daily to be the best mom that I can be...even when I am upset or scolding them....everything I do for them is because I love them. 

2. I lllllooooovvvveee to decorate. I love the stress that comes with it...the endless nights online looking for furniture and inspirations. I love shopping for furniture. I love viewing homes just to see how it is decorated. I love decorating other peoples homes. I just love decorating and the complicated stressful days that come with it. Decorating challenges me and gives me a rush that I cannot explain. When you love something you just love is hard to explain. This is my true career passion. 

3. I have a passion for learning. I like to challenge myself. 

4. If cleaning is a passion....than I guess is stressful, but I might have OCD...I don't know. Is my casa super spotless clean...'NO!'...I have kids and a husband. lololol!!...I wish it were...but I can guarantee this...I am ALWAYS cleaning even when I am trying to rest....mess just gets to me...and I can't think when it is around. 

5. Being creative...this goes with my decor sense of mind...but I love to create, diy, sew and just spend my free time doing projects...I know I am boring....but the that is what I love to do. 

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